MATU will be back in 2021


Sets of posters for the 2020 concerts

As a not for profit organisation, MATU had all of 2020’s posters printed in advance, to save money. Doh!
Fate intervened in the shape of the coronavirus and the rest is history. After February’s concert the wonderful old theatre fell silent, as everything had to be cancelled.

So, to all you collectors out there, we are selling all our unused posters for the various concerts that didn’t happen.
The first 2 concerts (Me For Queen and Duotone) went ahead and so their posters were distributed. Half of the posters for the 3rd concert (Jim Moray with Tom Moore) were posted out before we went into the first lockdown.

That makes, of the original 10 posters (10 concerts) most sets having 8 posters with the minimum number of posters in a set being 7.
There’s a handful of sets with 9 posters…
…we have a few (very few!) complete sets which will be raffled later in 2021!
For now the poster sets, regardless of the number in a set (7, 8 or 9), are for sale at £5 a set.

As with all our endeavours, all profits will go into improving the facilities and into bringing an even greater variety of talented bands, singers and instrumentalists to Abingdon.

£5 per set of posters (50p credit card charge)

About Us

Music At The Unicorn is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers. We bring brilliant musicians, singers and songwriters to Abingdon and we also give opportunities to local upcoming musicians. We give them a stage and let them play to an appreciative and knowledgeable audience.

Huge thanks to all our supporters, to Mostly Books for selling our tickets and to The Friends of Abingdon for continuing to look after the Unicorn Theatre.

Online Booking Information

An online booking fee of 80p is added to the ticket price. This pays for the Paypal credit card payment system.

Booking process:
1. Select a show
2. Click on 'Buy tickets'
3. On the shopping cart page, choose the number of tickets you want.
4. Purchase your tickets using a credit or debit card - you do not need to have a Paypal account. Click on 'Check out' to purchase tickets without signing up for a Paypal account.
5. Paypal will take contact details from you but this is just so that you can receive the receipt.
6. When you purchase tickets you will receive an email receipt from Paypal. We do not send out a separate receipt.

When you arrive at the theatre, for the performance, all you need to do is to give your name to the box office.

If there are any problems please get in touch:

Who had played at the Unicorn?

Richard Thompson, Show of Hands, Reg Meuross, Steve Tilston, Bob Fox, Dave Swarbrick, The Lark Rise Band, Phil Beer, The Dylan Project, Julie Felix, Strawbs, The Albion Band, Richard Digence, Ashley Hutchings Rainbow Chasers, Chris While and Julie Matthews, Little Johnny England, Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman, Tyde, Fay Hield Trio, Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston, Benji Kirkpatrick & Blair Dunlop, Gilmore & Roberts, O’Hooley & Tidow, Lady Maisery, Hannah James & Sam Sweeney, Faustus, Kings of the South Seas, Leveret, Gordon Giltrap, Megson, Dan Walsh, Louise Jordan, The August List, The Askew Sisters, Charlie Dore, The Willows, Megan Henwood, Jess Vincent, Seth Lakeman, Ninebarrow, Charlotte Campbell, Martha Tilston, Hannah James & Tuulikki Bartosik, Dalla, Said The Maiden, The Urban Folk Quartet, Ross Couper & Tom Oakes, Lucy Ward, Megan Henwood & Jackie Oates, Edwina Hayes, Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage, IOTA, The Gerry Colvin Band, Moonrakers, Three Pressed Men, TRADarrr, Anna Ryder, Sally Barker, David Nachmanoff, Me For Queen, Duotone, Dave Pegg and AJ Clarke!

Huge thanks to our supporters!

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